This course is designed to help educators identify those students who may be at risk for certain harmful behaviors. Topics discussed include warning signs of suicide and the effects of suicide on the family and friends that are left behind. Also included will be discussions on drugs – the blatant abuse of prescription drugs, OTC drugs and illegal drugs. The harmful effects on the body physically, socially and emotionally will be evaluated. The problems of using alcohol and the effects it has on the young persons body. Zero tolerance laws and DWI laws will also be addressed. Once warning signs are discussed several preventative and intervention strategies will be detailed as well. Course Objectives: Evaluate poor lifestyle choices and their effects on a persons health; Identify warning signs of suicide, drug and alcohol abuse; Learn coping strategies for those left behind after a suicide; Develop a working knowledge of what is appropriate to say to a person struggling with suicide and/or drugs and alcohol; Demonstrate an understanding for those at risk for suicide, alcohol and drug abuse; Evaluate intervention methods for suicide, drug and alcohol use and abuse; Develop communication skills to be used during an intervention. The material covered is suitable for educators of all age levels.

This course may be taken for In-Service credit or Graduate credit through New England College.

NEC #:   ED 5990 G764