What can I do about students that experience anxiety and why is it important for me to know?   This course will allow you to explore what the nature of anxiety is as well as take a closer look at Anxiety Disorders with school age children.  We will also look at what happens to us when we experience anxiety as well as what happens with the brain to explain some of the behaviors   Additionally, we look at the interrelationship of anxiety, stress and worry and the role of imagination.  Lastly, we will look at interventions both outside and inside the classroom.  

This course will be helpful for all educators K-12, ELA, Social Studies, Math, Science, ESL, Special Education, Art and Music, Physical Education, School Psychologists, Guidance Counselors ,Social Workers Speech/Language teachers and therapists, OT & PT’s. Common Core Learning Standards are addressed.

Instructor: Nancy Nybergh, MA, LP
3 In-service Credits