The After School Professional Development Program (ASPDP) provides high-quality, low-cost learning opportunities to NYC DOE educators that meet their professional learning needs, support their progress toward career goals, develop their instructional practices, and lead to improved student learning. We partner with over 30 non-profits, museums, and specialized professional development providers to offer more than 130 courses per semester.

All NYC teachers are eligible to take ASPDP courses to further their own knowledge and improve their teaching practice. ASPDP courses can also be credited towards salary differential (+30) requirements as well as the NYS 100 hours of Professional Development requirement, with principal approval.
What makes someone resilient? Are you born that way or can you learn skills to become more resilient? This course is designed with the K-12 educator in mind and will examine how to become more resilient. The course will look at present day people who exhibit resiliency even in the toughest circumstances. Students will explore the ideas why one person who seemingly has it all can’t find ways to cope vs. those who come from nothing and are triumphant. Students will also make connections between true happiness and resiliency. Students will be given tools to use in their classrooms promoting more resilient children and in turn more successful and happier students.

This class is offered online to NYC Teachers through ASPDP for 3 In-service credits (36 hours)
The Common Core has made students at all levels more responsible for directing their own learning, and knowing how to conduct research responsibly is an essential skill that all learners need. When this class is complete, you will have all the lessons and materials needed to help your students write great research papers. No more non-informative, unfocused or plagiarized papers to grade! This course will provide teachers with the lessons and materials that their particular students need to be able to write research papers properly in support of the NYS curriculum.

Since 1990 there is approximately 50,000 NEW cases of HIV every year. Why are there so many new cases each year for a completely preventable disease? Teachers at every grade level will be able to apply the knowledge learned here to better execute the New York state mandated lessons for each grade level. When educators have a better understanding of course curricula, they in turn will feel more comfortable teaching the content which not only helps the teacher but the students will prosper too. Teachers will be able to identify the fluids that transmit HIV, be able to distinguish between high, low and virtually no risk behaviors, have an understanding of Prep and Pep, Additionally teachers will utilize refusal skills, decision making skills through various role-plays and discussions among colleagues